Pinterest for Educators Tips

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Pinterest is full of great resources and ideas for educators. You can get inspired to decorate your classroom, change up your lesson plans or add interactive activities to your material while browsing through Pinterest. Here are some ways you can use Pinterest as an educator.

1.    Invite fellow teachers to collaborate on a board for teaching resources, lesson ideas or even decorations.
2.    Your students can share a board for resources on a team project.
3.    Follow education boards and pinners for ideas and tips.
4.    Share what you do in your classroom to help inspire other teachers.
5.    Stay organized by removing pins that you tried that didn’t work and making sure to keep pins that you tried and liked.

Take a look at even more ideas on how to incorporate Pinterest into your daily educator life.
Pinterest and Education
Pinterest for Educators?

Oh How Things Have Changed in the Classroom

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My morning routine involves brewing a cup of coffee, breakfast, a check of the news and, of course, Facebook.  Aside from the usual suspects of Candy Crush/Farmville requests, my eyes shifted on this particular morning to a notification from a fellow high school classmate.  It turned out she created a Facebook group for our ten year class reunion scheduled for next year and wanted to assess everyone’s feedback on how they would like to mark the occasion.  My first thought was “wow, I can’t believe it’s been ten years already”, but then as I’m reading through the invite, I started to think about how much education has changed in the past decade.

Working for an edtech company, you become very knowledgeable with the state of education.  Today’s classrooms seemed to be equipped with enough technology to launch a rocket into space.  I remember sitting in class my senior year of high school watching the teacher write notes on the board with chalk.  It seems chalkboards have become a thing of the past and replaced with high-tech interactive whiteboards. Cellphones in school were an absolute “no-no” in 2006. One day that stands out involved a classmate in my math class.  We were taking a test and all of a sudden you could hear her purse vibrate on the floor. Obviously, her phone was going off.  She tried her best to silence it, but by the time she got to the phone; it was too late.  The teacher approached her with a look of rage on his face and demanded she hand over the phone.  That phone ended up in the principal’s office for the rest of the year.  Fast forward to present, educators embrace phones in the classroom with “BYOD” or bring your own devices.  It’s unbelievable to think how much classrooms have changed in such a short amount time.  What will the vision of classrooms be in the next decade?

The State of Education in 2015

STEM Role Models for Girls

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Continuing on the topic of STEM subjects, there are a few movies that I came across that can help encourage girls to further their interests in STEM. 

Recently, I was watching Big Hero 6 and noticed that the two main female characters were not only engineering students, they were also great role models for females. One character would be considered girly which could show girls that they don’t have to be masculine to be interested or work in STEM fields. The other female character is entirely about female empowerment and shows girls that they can further their STEM passion. 

The main female character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs tried to hide her interest in weather and science. She realized that her interests are nothing to be ashamed of and embraced that side of her. Girls can take notice to her change in mindset and be reassured that it is fine to be interested in STEM subjects.

What movies or videos have you seen that show STEM role models for girls?

Experience ISTE Like You Never Have Before

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Our marketing department is abuzz all year-round, but lately there’s been an extra flurry of activity as planning and preparation get underway for a number of upcoming conferences and tradeshows.  These events are a great opportunity for people to experience educational technology up close and personal.  It gives us the chance to connect with customers and hear firsthand their thoughts and ideas of our solutions and how we can improve moving forward.

One show that comes to mind is the International Society for Education Conference and Expo, which is known to a majority of people as ISTE.  This year’s exposition takes place at the end of June in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  ISTE is billed as the largest K-12 edtech forum in the country and features HUNDREDS of educational sessions, world-class keynotes and a convention hall filled with the latest and greatest classroom technology.  More than 18,000 people are expected to attend, including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, library media specialists and policy makers.

Even if you’re a first time visitor or ISTE expert, it’s easy to get distracted with all of the activities happening.  EdTech Magazine recently published an article taking a closer look at ISTE and offered a few proven tips to help people get the most out of this year’s show.  We recommend you read the story and look forward to seeing all of you at ISTE 2015!

4 Tips to Get the Most from ISTE 2015

Ideas to Incorporate STEM in Your Classroom

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Recently, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education has become a hot topic since these career fields have been growing. Many teachers are trying to generate interest in students, especially girls, to study STEM. How can you make STEM topics more engaging?

Get your students more involved with STEM by using hands-on, interactive lessons! Engage them in the material with experiments, competitions and collaborative activities. Below are great resources and lesson ideas to get you started.

Earth Movement - Science
Snag a Spoon Math Game - Math
5 Construction Challeneges - Engineering
Your First Robot - Technology