Myth's of Teachers' Summer Vacation

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The sun’s shining, flowers are blooming and birds can be heard chirping from afar; all signs show spring is here.  For children, a change of season signals the counting down of days to summer vacation.  Educators on the other hand brace their ears for a phrase synonymous with people in the profession: “Must be nice to have summers off…”  

No big deal to those outside the education world, but for teachers, it’s a saying that’s absurd and highly inaccurate.  Truth be told, teachers look forward to summer for some much needed R&R.  However, fun in the sun is restricted to only a few weeks as educators use their time during the summer with an eye focused on education.  Tutoring students, having a voice in department and curriculum meetings, professional development and of course planning and preparing lessons for next school year are just a few of the responsibilities that follow a teacher into the “educational offseason.”  Some educators go as far as saying that they are the busiest during the summer months.  

The Myth of Having Summers Off from edutopia is a great read that goes in depth debunking myths about teachers and summer vacation and was also the idea behind this blog.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions

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Cloud-based services are growing but what are the benefits of going to the cloud? 

The following benefits improve the entire organization to further their productivity and capabilities when adopted correctly and strategically.

•    Increased output – Fewer employees needed for improved productivity

•    Easy globalization – Able to connect with anyone anywhere with internet connection

•    Cost savings on infrastructure – Variety of payment options from weekly to yearly

•    Flexible capacity – Able to change the amount of capacity when needed

•    Business agility – Resources and information are just a click away

•    Document control – All files in one central location

With these benefits, the cloud-based services provide well-rounded and valuable solutions. 

Why Move to the Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

How Do You Communicate?

The idea for this blog originated on a late Tuesday afternoon in the marketing department when I and several of my colleagues had a conversation about different forms of communication.  One co-worker mentioned that some of her customers and channel partners prefer discussions over the phone instead of through email (interesting since a 2012 study found 53% of office workers prefer email over phone calls) while our international marketing manager stated that she noticed an upswing in communicating through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  With a variety of communication platforms to choose from, which one works best?  Well, there is no fix all solution, but you can make an accurate selection based on the situation.

After combing through dozens of online search results, I came across an intriguing article titled, Choosing a Communication Medium.  It provides the advantages and disadvantages of various communication media for different types of audiences and occasions and helps the reader understand which delivery mechanism is appropriate based on their given circumstances.  Various factors contribute to choosing a communication medium including time and convenience, type of setting and relationship with the recipient just to name a few.  For instance, the recommendation for thanking a colleague for assistance on a project is face-to-face while setting up a lunch appointment can be a simple email.  To bring this blog full circle, I pose the question to you; how do you communicate?


Teachers are Born; Not Made

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!
We appreciate teachers as instructors, mentors and role models.
My grandma always told me that “teachers are born; not made.” Thinking about the phrase, I realize the dedication and determination that “born” teachers have to change the world or positively affect students’ lives. They were born to make a difference and their life goal is to help others. It takes a special person to have the strength and compassion needed to nurture each and every student that walks through the door.

The teachers that I appreciated the most were the ones that took the time to know who I was and to understand my thought process. And I am fully thankful to those teachers that helped me realize that I may think differently than everyone else, but that is not a negative attribute. 

Why did you become a teacher? Is there someone that inspired you?

Using Remote Polling with ResponseCards

A hidden gem of the TurningPoint software is that it gives users the capability of using ResponseCards to answer TurningPoint questions at remote locations via software called RemotePoll. With RemotePoll, participants at remote locations can respond to questions from a presentation that is taking place anywhere in the world with a simple, and best of all, free software!

Here is how it works…
What the Presenter Needs:
The person given the presentation (the host location) will need the TurningPoint software, a ResponseWare account (provided), internet connection and a Receiver if participants within a 200ft radius are responding to the questions.

What the Remote Location(s) Need:
All participants will need a ResponseCard. The room hosting the presentation will need a computer with internet connection, meeting sharing software (WebEx, GoTo Meeting, ect.) to display the presentation, one Receiver plugged into the computer running the presentation, a projector to display the questions on the screen and last but not least, the free RemotePoll software installed on the same computer showing the presentation from the host location.

Once the presentation begins and the host location lands on TurningPoint question, all of the remote locations will see the question displayed on the screen and the participants can then use their ResponseCards to respond to the questions in real time. 

RemotePoll is an easy way to poll any and all remote locations utilizing the ease of the TurningPoint ResponseCards.

For additional information, please contact:
Kevin Herrholtz
Training Manager
Turning Technologies