K-12 Best Practices

Turning Technologies student response systems are proven to have positive impacts on the learning environment and increase student achievement. Engage students in active learning, conduct formative assessment and increase student learning with data-driven strategies. Our response solutions provide instant assessment, universal screening, immediate feedback, active learning, data collection, assessment for learning and differentiated instruction using existing curriculum resources.

Every question. Every student. Every day. Engage students through inquiry and active learning while providing immediate feedback and opportunity for instant remediation. Based on student responses, educators can support differentiated and data-driven instruction throughout their lesson plans. Turning Technologies student response solutions can be used to conduct universal screening and progress monitoring for RTI programs, as well as administration of pre- and post-assessments without paper grading. Student response solutions enable teachers to perform assessment best practices and item analysis, which in turn, encourages teacher collaboration and shared resources. Turning Technologies also provides the ability for institutions to align curriculum standards and produce reports quickly and easily.

Powerful learning tools - ideal for use in any K-12 classroom. Take a look at the many proven benefits available when using student clickers in your learning environment, and see what others are saying about our technology and programs.

1. Response technology is proven to have positive, powerful impacts on the learning environment.

Videos and Webinars

Learn how K-12 teachers and administrators are using response technology to engage students in the curriculum and increase student learning.

Case Studies

Hear from our users about their experience and the benefit to their students after integrating Turning Technologies' student response systems in their classroom. The enthusiasm in contagious!

10 A Day

10 A Day is a proven philosophy and program to move students into higher level thinking and deep understanding of grade level content while giving them strategies they can carry through life. With the combination of student response technology and pedagogical reform, the program provides students and teachers with immediate feedback to correct errors and re-teach as needed so that students progress toward mastery.

The 10 A Day approach shifts the teacher's role to that of a coach. With effective teaching that includes explicit instruction in rules, steps and strategies, ALL students can learn. Mastery requires multiple practice sessions, so fast-paced daily review with 10 A DAY enables students to achieve mastery through distributed standards practice throughout the year. This strategy increases student engagement in the learning process as well as provides opportunity for students to achieve the learning objectives. This strategy is also highly effective for engaging students by checking for understanding during the learning process.

Get Results

Sixth Street Prep School, a conversion charter school in Victorville, CA, serves an economically disadvantaged population of 90 percent. Student body includes a high population of at risk students. Since implementing Turning Technologies response systems and the 10 A Day daily review/preview process, Sixth Street Prep has experienced the following increases in achievement:

  • 42.6% to 97% proficiency in math
  • 33% to 89.6% proficiency in language arts
  • 15% to 96.4% proficiency in science

Professional Development

Turning Technologies understands the importance of creating effective learning environments, which is why we've developed a Professional Development (PD) Program specific for K-12 schools. Created by educators for educators and designed to foster a core group of users, our professional development services will help you create the most engaging and interactive classroom experience possible. Our goal is to support your efforts to enhance the effectiveness of teaching with student response technology. Discover the possibilities of our interactive learning system through our comprehensive and professional assets and staff.


Our highly effective, research-based PD modules build assessment literacy and empower teachers to bring new relevance to the teach-and-learn cycle and improve student achievement. Discover the immense potential of assessment to support learning and the tools to manage transformational change. Tap into the confidence, motivation and learning potential that reside within every student. Students from all demographics are meeting proficiency targets, and schools are successfully closing achievement gaps.

Our trained professionals will help participants create lessons that can be implemented immediately using existing resources. Sessions are designed to provide hands-on practice and discussion opportunities for participants. Use your PD funds for a day of information, education, inspiration and motivation with Turning Technologies! Contact a member of our Professional Development Team now!

Professional Development Services Include:

  • Training for up to 15 participants
  • Planning consultation
  • Two full-day (up to 6 hours) on-site training sessions
  • Review/instruction of features as needed
  • Discussion of classroom practices and available resources
  • Discussion and facilitation of new ideas and resources
  • Lesson creation
  • Goal setting for in-class use
  • One customized webinar follow-up session for additional support
  • Training workbooks for each participant