Interactive Presentations Best Practices for Corporate/Govt Environments

Response systems from Turning Technologies can create engaging, interactive presentations. Explore our resources to learn how to best utilize response technology for a variety of purposes. Enhance learning environments with interactive presentations to increase retention, engage participants, and immediately assess understanding.

Implementation Documents

Implementation Documents for Interactive Presentations

Learning Theories
Turning Technologies assessment delivery and data collection solutions support popular research-based learning theories. Implement techniques to ensure optimum usage of response systems for interactive training.

50 Ideas for Using Response Technology in Learning Environments
Maximize your usage of interactive presentations with multiple strategies to incorporate response technology into meetings, trainings and events.

Writing Effective Questions for Interactive Presentations Test Item Analysis
Ensure that test questions are properly formatted for effective assessment delivery. Check for validity and reliability of each test item and the test as a whole.

Test Writing
Construct tests that offer a true picture of assessment. Review proper design, content and common mistakes to avoid.

Writing Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple choice questions are the core of interactive presentations. Dissect the parts of these essential questions and what to avoid when composing each item.

Asking Meaningful Questions
Asking meaningful questions during presentations that permit attendees to employ critical thinking or reveal interesting results will not only keep participants engaged, but will also encourage interactive collaboration and communication.

TurningPoint Tips for Interactive Presentations topsTurningPoint Tips
Examine specific tips for TurningPoint users to keep in mind when composing interactive presentations. Expert advice will make the most out of using TurningPoint for simple icebreakers to licensing examinations.

Presentation Techniques
General presentation techniques to command the attention of your audience. Ensure that material is resonating with participants.

Response Technology Research

Over 15 years of research on response technology has yielded a library of resources on the effectiveness of such systems for interactive learning and engagement purposes. Delve into the numerous studies conducted by corporate training departments, higher education institutions and other, independent sources.

Research on Response Technology for Interactive Presentations

Response Technology Research

Customer Case Studies

Turning Technologies dedication to providing advanced products and an excellent user experience has garnered a loyal customer base who regularly shares implementation stories. Discover how real customers are creating interactive presentations with response technology. Read brief summaries of customer experiences with response systems in various industries including corporate, government, health care, events and nonprofit sectors.

Customer Videos and Testimonials

See assessment delivery and data collection solutions in action with customer videos. Watch firsthand how organizations are using response technology during various presentations. Customer Video and Testimonials on Interactive Presentations


Watch webinars featuring prominent industry leaders on how interactive response systems can instantly enhance presentations, meetings or events. Speakers discuss various uses of the technology and the real results including participant feedback and potential implementations.