Triton Data Collection System is the next generation testing solution for summative assessments.

Triton Data Collection System

The Triton Data Collection System eliminates the need for standard bubble sheets. Students enter answers to test questions using ResponseCard NXT. Proctor software is stored on a USB drive and administers tests with one click. Collected data is backed up and stored in three locations, including a central administration portal that manages all testing elements. Triton is a simple, secure and reliable data collection system designed to meet market needs from everyday formative assessments through enterprise-wide standardized exams, evaluations and certification testing.

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NXT 3 Button ResponseCard NXT
Triton Receiver Proctor Receiver with Software
Triton Web Dashboard Central Administration Portal


  • Patented RF technology works in low to no bandwidth environments - Internet accessibility is not required.
  • Central administration web portal manages participants, proctors and test sites.
  • No software installation necessary and no IT setup required.
  • Digital answer submission eliminates cost and hassle of bubble sheet collection and scanning.
  • Item response data is encrypted and secure from the point of answer submission until scoring is complete.
  • Promotes efficiency with on-demand data scoring and reporting within system.
  • Simple import/export of data and the ability to integrate with any third party system.


  • Classroom assessments
  • State/district benchmark exams
  • Standardized state-level assessment
  • National norm publisher testing
  • Standard testing throughout semester
  • Midterms and final exams
  • Course evaluations
  • Instant feedback during training
  • Certification or license testing

ResponseCard NXT can be used with other polling and assessment solutions from Turning Technologies.