ResponseWare mobile clicker solution allows participants to use any web-enabled device to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection.


ResponseWare - the revolutionary response system for mobile devices - turns a participant's web-enabled mobile device into a virtual ResponseCard. ResponseWare allows students and participants to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Turning's mobile response solution allows alphanumeric entry via a cell phone style input or a QWERTY style keyboard. ResponseWare allows the user to respond to multiple styles of questions, such as: multiple-choice, alphanumeric, multiple response and even essay questions. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter. ResponseWare also displays the question and answer choices on the device while polling and is compatible with TurningPoint assessment software.

ResponseWare Features

Innovation for Mobile Technology

The combination of ResponseWare with Turning's easy-to-use ResponseCard clickers creates the most advanced available option for audience input devices to date. Since the growth in popularity of multi-purpose, Internet-ready personal devices as well as the broad availability of wireless Internet connectivity, Turning chose to develop the next generation in response technology; a solution that could take advantage of mobile computing, making for a convenient, cost-effective response system.

User Options

ResponseWare requires no special software to install or configure and no need to alter firewall or port settings. The system supports nearly all JavaScript®-enabled web browsers across multiple platforms and operating systems. Turning Technologies provides all of the hosting and web services necessary for a ResponseWare web-enabled interactive polling session, which eliminates the need for any organization to host, maintain, and support the application and allows for immediate utilization of the response technology.

Device Specific Applications

Participants can download ResponseWare for iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® or Android™ device to take advantage of the specific features and functionality available with the device. ResponseWare is certified on the AT&T® wireless network.

Licensing Models

Turning Technologies offers a variety of ResponseWare licensing models to best meet your presentation needs and environment. In addition, ResponseWare can be used seamlessly in mixed environments alongside traditional ResponseCards or separately.

ResponseWare Specs

Bandwidth Requirements
Device Requirements
  • 1.6kbps downstream
  • 4.3kbps upstream
Number of Users on Network Required Available Network Bandwidth Up and Downstream (bps)
1 9600
2-30 128k
31-100 512k
101-350 T1 or better
Other Requirements
Software Compatibility
  • TurningPoint - PC and higher
  • TurningPoint - Mac 1.2 or higher
  • TurningPoint AnyWhere 2.0 and above
Minimum Mobile System Requirements
  • Wi-Fi or cellular connection (for optimum performance, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended).
  • Local area Wi-Fi or cellular network capable of supporting a concentration of one simultaneous connection for each ResponseWare device located in the same coverage area on the network.
    • (i.e. If a presenter wants to use 100 ResponseWare devices, their network needs to be able to support 100 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections within the area the devices are being used. The difference in a network that can support ResponseWare and a typical Wi-Fi network is that in typical use, all 100 devices are not in the same location or using the network at the exact same time.)
Requirements For Browsers Internet connectivity
Must support AJAX, JavaScript and HTTP requests
  • Internet Explorer® 7 or higher
  • Firefox® 2 or higher
  • Opera™ 9 or higher
  • Netscape® 8 or higher
  • Safari® 3 or higher
  • Chrome™ 6 or higher
Requirements For Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad OS 3.0 or higher
Wi-Fi or cellular connection (for optimum performance, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended)
Requirements For Android Android OS 1.6 and higher
Wi-Fi or cellular connection (for optimum performance, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended)