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Response Technology for Corporate and Government Environments

Turning Technologies is the leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection solutions. Solutions include TurningPoint response technology that creates interactive presentations. Speakers use intuitive polling software integrated with PowerPoint and other familiar programs to pose questions to groups. Participants use handheld keypads or Internet-connected devices to respond. Results are instantly displayed and gathered in detailed reports for further analysis.

Corporate and government environments have experienced tremendous benefit from the integration of response technology for trainings, meetings and events. Over 15 years of research has confirmed the effectiveness of response systems for learning and engagement purposes. Features like detailed reports, data slicing, demographics, on-the-fly polling and competitions make TurningPoint the premier solution for assessment delivery and data collection. Explore all products or view the most relevant choices for your market.

How can I use TurningPoint response technology?

TurningPoint response systems can be utilized for any interactive, informative presentation. Below are just some examples of successful applications.

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  • Confirm retention of materials during compliance and safety training
  • Assess before and after knowledge with pre- and post-testing of material
  • Create interactive orientation programs to elicit employee engagement
  • Track individual performance during continuing education courses
  • Provide a snapshot of participants with attendance and demographic data
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  • Vote and make decisions quickly during stakeholder or leadership meetings
  • Gather opinions anonymously, choose to display or hide results
  • Eliminate paper voting for elections, planning or budgeting initiatives
  • Run teambuilding activities with individual or team competitions and games
  • Involve offsite attendees with web or remote polling to reduce travel costs