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Turning Technologies powerful learning tools are designed to achieve superior levels of student engagement with compelling instruction that leaves a lasting impression in and outside of class. Purpose-driven student response technology supports learning theories and is proven to enhance key indicators of student success including retention, motivation and attendance.

Campus-wide solutions reach all levels of university life with options that range from quick polling or committee voting to standardized exams or institutional evaluations. Inspire instructors to strengthen teaching practices and administrators to make data-driven decisions. Prepare your students for real-world experiences with tools that engage, monitor and measure the learning process in a simple, versatile and meaningful way.

Industry-Leading Polling Software

TurningPoint Cloud

TurningPoint Cloud shifts TurningPoint functionality to a cloud-based interface tied to a Turning Account. Available for both instructors and students, Turning Accounts leverage secure, centralized cloud-based management of courses, rosters and assessment data. Secure login and file encryption ensures data is safeguarded while providing flexibility and access from multiple locations. Reports organize and aggregate data, eliminating manual processes while supplying unique academic insights.

TurningPoint Polling
Polling software embedded in PowerPoint

Create dynamic, collaborative
environments that gauge
real-time understanding

Real-time feedback

Seamlessly poll in PowerPoint®, over
any application or administer
self-paced tests

Slice data, gather demographic information

Ask questions to engage students,
support critical thinking and track
student progress


ResponseWare Devices
ResponseWare Icon 1

Hybrid solution enables
ResponseWare and clickers to be
used in a blended environment

ResponseWare Icon 2

Ideal for mobile learning
initiatives, in-field course work or
distance learning environments

ResponseWare Icon 3

Instantaneous feedback and
input display helps keep
remote learners engaged

ResponseWare on Tablet

ResponseWare acts as a virtual clicker for web-enabled devices. Allow students to use in place of or alongside clickers during class, and respond via the web from any location to participate and remain engaged.

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RemotePolling Corporate

RemotePoll allows students to respond simultaneously in multiple, remote locations with clickers. Results are instantly tallied from all locations.



ExamView Software

ExamView is a complete testing platform that simplifies assessment development and distribution. ExamView Assessment Suite is bundled with 11,000+ textbooks from over 65 leading publishers, so chances are it’s already in your textbook. NEW ExamView Cloud takes the best of the desktop software, offering an online platform for test authoring and management with instant access to material regardless of location.

ExamView DVD set
ExamView testing Suite

Create customized tests with
intuitive tools, publisher
content and formatting options

Data analysis, track performance

Implement with publisher
content designed specifically
to accompany course material

Cloud based platform

Collect, analyze and track
individual performance data
with reporting features

Student Response Options

Clickers & Devices

Handheld devices allow learners to provide valuable input and instructors to capture critical data with intuitive response options.

QT Device

QT Device

QT Device is the leading,
full-featured response device
with a QWERTY keyboard, perfect
for university classrooms.


ResponseCard RF LCD

ResponseCard RF LCD is
designed for multiple choice
and features response

ResponseCard RF LCD
Reliable and accurate

Reliable and accurate
patented technology transmits
timely responses

Device options accommodate all environments

Device options accommodate
all environments, learners and
question types

Durable devices

Durable devices with features
and updates to span entire
academic career

Accessibility Options

Classroom Technology for All Learners

ResponseWare Devices
ResponseWare Logo

Mobile response option
ResponseWare supports the needs
of the accessible community with
enhanced readability that works
with screen readers.


ResponseCard RF-A

Designed for the visually impaired,
the RF-A clicker features Braille
characters and a vibration motor.

ResponseCard RF-A
Our commitment to helping the disabled community

Our commitment to helping the
disabled community ensures all
students will be accommodated

Multiple response options

Multiple response options for
the visually impaired and
special needs

Participate in usability and accessibility testing

Participate in usability and
accessibility testing sessions to
plan for the future

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