Grant Writing ResourcesAdvice & Tips on Grant Writing

Prepare your students for the future through various grants and resources to help you create the ideal classroom and educational experience for your students.

As you begin the process of writing a proposal the following basic tips should be helpful in the process:

  • Don't be intimidated - go for it
  • Don't just chase the money - "goodness of fit"
    • You should be able to meet a defined need or address a problem
    • Your needs must match up with the funding source
    • Your asking amount should be within the limits of the funding source
  • Follow directions - most important tip
    • Pay attention to font, page limits, spacing etc.
    • Address each criteria of application completely - answer all questions
    • Meet all deadlines
  • Keep the reader in mind
    • Don't make them guess or search for your information
    • Use their words from the application to frame your responses
  • Check everything twice
    • Have appropriate attachments if requested
    • Provide accurate budget information - check your math
    • Check for writing mistakes - spelling/grammar etc.
  • Make sure budget is appropriate
    • Ask for exactly the amount you can justify that you need
    • Provide in-kind or matching resources if needed

Getting Started

There is no magic in grant writing. In the world of proposal writing "you can't catch fish if you don't go fishing". There are resources out there to support your needs; you just have to be willing to "go fishing".

Step 1: Outline Goals & Objectives - Before focusing on the resources, first consider you vision and plan for school improvement. Design a plan for your classroom, your school or your district that targets increased student achievement using Turning Technologies student response solutions and services. By working with our specialized K-12 account executives and consultants, we can customize a program that will support your school improvement plan and positively impact student outcomes. Once all of the components are identified, a cost for your improvement plan will be established.

Step 2: Identify & Secure Resources - Once you have a formal plan with outlined goals and objectives, we can begin to work together to identify and secure resources to make your plan a reality.

Additional grant writing and funding information is available per request.
Additional Help Available

  • Assistance finding resources or potential funders for your request.
  • Help with writing a proposal or providing feedback for a proposal you are writing.
  • General template language and supporting information that can be plugged into requests.

Grant Writing Resources

Prepare your students for the future with a classroom and tools that meet their needs. Various grants and resources can help you create the ideal classroom and educational experience for your students. The websites listed provide information designed to help you to organize and write a proposal.

Funding Resources

The following links will help you to find potential funders for your proposal.

  • Council on Foundations: The Council works to support foundations by promoting knowledge, growth, and action in philanthropy. It also contains some links to current grant opportunities.
  • Foundation Locator: The locator lists hundreds of community foundations who derive their funds from many donors rather than a single source, as is usually the case with private and corporate foundations.
  • Foundation Center: This site offers online assistance with locating foundations and proposal writing. It has an extensive list of links which can be useful to grant seekers.
  • Grants and Grant Writing: This site includes a collection of links to grant sites.

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