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For Education

Help instructors identify student progress through real-time feedback. Collect responses from all learners and prepare students for the future by increasing learning material effectiveness.

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For Business

Allow trainers to engage all participants, inspire conversations and share new ideas. Identify the needs and opinions of your audience through real-time feedback and track training effectiveness.

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Give Everyone a Voice -
Understand Your Learners

Our solutions provide endless ways to engage. Create collaborative, interactive learning environments.

Leverage the instructional material you need. Easily, create new questions or use existing content.

Facilitate multiple levels of assessments to identify understanding in the moment and over time.


No Assumptions Needed -
Make Informed Decisions

Receive valuable data in real-time at the point of instruction for personalized learning and remediation.

Manage and create customized reports for meaningful analysis to monitor and measure learning progress.

Evaluate program effectiveness and determine areas of improvement by collecting user feedback.

Tiffany Jana
Tiffany Jana
Javier Horta
Javier E. Horta, M.D., Ph.D.
Catherine Keske
Catherine Keske

"It allows everyone in the meeting to have an equal voice without being interrupted."

TMI Consulting, Inc

Tools that will make a difference

We support the entire instructional process guiding you through the creation of material,
presentation of content and in-depth reporting to track success.



Within minutes, you can create customized assignments and tests by using robust authoring tools to manage content.

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Incorporate interactive questions within PowerPoint presentations or poll your learners over top of any application.

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Response Options

Use web-based apps or browsers and hardware devices to support every learner in all environments.

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