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For Education

Faculty and administrators alike work tirelessly to ensure that students leave with not only a degree, but also as well-rounded individuals with areas of profound expertise, and we provide tools to support these efforts.

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For Business

The application of interactive response systems within workplace trainings can increase knowledge mastery and subsequently enhance training and development ROI. Explore tools that assist with improving learning outcomes.

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Deliver enhanced learning experiences

We believe in the pedagogical benefits of interactive response technology and a future where technology is usefully integrated into every learning environment. Our solutions are designed to support proven learning theories and help enhance learning outcomes.

Learning Theories - Active Learning

Active Learning

Learning Theories - Agle Teaching

Agile Teaching

Learning Theories - Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning

Learning Theories - Gamification


Learning Theories - Peer Instruction

Peer Instruction

Learning Theories - Socratic Questioning

Socratic Questioning

Learning Theories - Motivation


Learning Theories - Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Learning Theories - Team Based Learning

Team-Based Learning



Our technology engages all learners to support improved retention and completion in the first year and beyond.



Facilitate multiple levels of assessments to identify understanding in both formative and summative manners.



Use in-class student data to deliver enhanced learning experiences and improve individual student success.

Destiny Nieves


Destiny Nieves – "It has helped me better understand the material and improved my grades because I can participate in class activities."

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Fabio Arico


Fabio Arico – "TurningPoint empowers the potential to do all sorts of pedagogical research outside of class – and I find it simply amazing."

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Lesley Speller


Lesley Speller – "Faculty have said that test scores have gone up and attendance has risen, too."

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