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TurningPoint Polling for Professional Trainers

Business consultants use interactive polling software and voting clickers to gauge retention and replace paper surveys.


Acumen Learning founder Kevin Cope wanted to ask interactive questions during training, but was unable to gather accurate data with a show of hands or evaluate sessions with paper “smile sheets.”


Cope introduced TurningPoint interactive polling software into his presentations. With audience response clickers, he was able to keep the audience engaged, test participants for understanding, and conduct research simultaneously. The ability to ask clicker questions and immediately see results was a key selling point, and invaluable to the training curriculum.


Cope uses TurningPoint interactive polling in each one of his over 500 trainings during the course of a year. He estimates that over 10,000 participants use TurningPoint and response clickers per year, and the number continues to grow with his business. The impact is felt by his participants, who enjoy using the electronic voting clickers and often ask for more questions during training.