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Advancing Safety with Training Data

Koch Pipeline successfully combines audience response technology with a company-wide learning management system to track and measure responses and improve safety training.


Training is a keystone for promoting safety and productivity across a team of Koch Pipeline builders and operators who work in diverse and challenging conditions. According to Renee Boydo, Training Systems Administrator, "Genuine engagement is difficult to achieve because some of the subject matter can be boring—especially material required for yearly re-certifications for many employees. Taking people out of the field for training can be a significant cost commitment, so we need to make the most of the training opportunity."


Koch Pipeline outfitted training facilities with TurningPoint polling software and audience response devices from Turning Technologies that enabled learners to respond quickly and conveniently to questions presented with appealing graphics on a central screen. The Turning Technologies technical support team helped integrate the response technology with Koch Pipeline's proprietary learning management system, which tracked and sorted data about employees, response accuracy, subject matter, location, trainer, and more, to identify opportunities for additional or improved training.


Employees found the solution to be more engaging and less time-consuming than the previously used paper-based methods. Because they were logged into their accounts in Koch Pipeline's LMS, employees did not need to provide information that the system already had. Most importantly, data generated by the response keypads and sent to the learning management system was used to guide decisions about future training.

"Employee engagement is critical to getting the data," Boydo explained. Over the past few years, Boydo and her training colleagues have secured funding to equip more Koch Pipeline facilities with Turning Technologies' clickers and tie them into the LMS. "It's been a fairly easy sell because we're able to show the long-term value," she said. "Safety is huge for us and training is very important to promote safety."