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Enhance Medical Education with Mobile Response Option

Health care provider uses TurningPoint and mobile response to enhance medical educational programs.

New requirements for measuring outcomes of continuing medical education (CME) programs were implemented for the health care community, creating a need to track and report conference results.  Billings Clinic Medical Education Coordinator Kristina McComas was searching for a tool that could be integrated into CME series.

Turning Technologies' assessment delivery and data collection solutions received a strong recommendation as the response technology of choice from some of Billings Clinic’s collaborating organizations. Billings Clinic adopted the TurningPoint polling software due to its versatile features.  Many of the staff already knew how to use PowerPoint, so the learning curve was minimal.  Billings Clinic also has a very active telemedicine network, serving hundreds of patients in the surrounding rural areas. Turning Technologies' web-based polling solution TurningPoint Mobile became a helpful part of the network, reaching those participants that can't physically attend local conferences but are able to participate via live telemedicine broadcast.

While the main purpose of TurningPoint was to benchmark CME outcomes, the mobile response solution was implemented into weekly Grand Rounds where participants use smartphones and laptops to respond from remote locations. The professional development department that handles the nursing education has implemented the response system into CNA training. Billings Clinic University has begun to incorporate audience response polling into new employee orientation, and leadership has even expressed interest in using the technology for anonymous voting during meetings.