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Church Connection

TurningPoint audience response systems bring a congregation closer together through a special worship service.

The sun is peeking through the treetops as Jim Couchenour travels the open road through the empty fields and gently rolling hills of eastern Ohio on his way to church. Each Sunday is special, but on this particular day, suspense and enthusiasm are in the air at Greenford Christian Church. Jim, a Discipleship and Community Minister, arrives early with a desire to better understand the congregation. 

“We wanted to know more about our congregation and discover where our members were coming from, in terms of location and their spiritual faith journey.”

For the first time ever, the church will use audience response systems during worship services for the entire congregation. Several weeks prior, Jim expressed a desire to better understand the congregation. “We wanted to get to know church members in a way that would help us formulate classes and courses to their needs,” stated Couchenour. 
Several friends shared with Jim the many advantages of conducting a survey with TurningPoint interactive polling software. He discovered he could create interactive questions within PowerPoint and have the congregation answer them by using response clickers. Results would appear in real-time, providing meaningful data for the church to review. 

Since this would be a one-time only event, the church did not want to invest in a big purchase, but rather borrow the learning tools. That’s when he learned of Turning Technologies, a leading educational technology company in nearby Youngstown, Ohio, that provided rental options on audience response devices. Jim knew he found his answer.
“Turning Technologies had their team of event specialists come to the church and set up the technology,” said Couchenour. “They showed us how to use the software and clickers and demonstrated best practices to implement during our survey.”

Church members arrived Sunday morning to a surprise of keypads nicely placed on each seat and were eager to use the devices. A majority of the congregation were new to clickers, but you could never tell as they successfully used them with no learning curve. The special service started with several fun icebreaker questions followed by a series of multiple choice questions to better understand demographics and to know where the congregation stood with their spiritual development.  

“TurningPoint and audience response systems allowed us to capture the information from the congregation as they were there rather than relying on them to respond to an online form was the key benefit,” mentioned Couchenour. 
Jim and the team reviewed the survey, analyzed the data and from there developed a cool infographic to share with the congregation and utilize for customizing educational classes and courses offered by the church. Moving forward, the church hopes to rent audience response devices from Turning Technologies and use the initial survey as a benchmark.