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Crafting Perfection with SDK

Award-winning nonprofit organization utilizes Turning Technologies' software development kit to extend education beyond classroom walls.


Since its inception, the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center (RLHEC) at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana has been equipped with some form of response technology in order to pose questions and gather audience feedback. Walking the audience through the process of responding would take valuable time away from the presentation since the solution was not intuitive. Once new technology was available, RLHEC purchased a response solution that functioned with wireless clickers. However, the new solution also presented additional problems when implemented into the outreach program.


When looking for a new solution to implement their outreach programming, RLHEC worked closely with partners Sonar Studios and Dr. Steve Spicklemire of the University of Indianapolis. Based on their recommendations, Turning Technologies’ audience response systems were chosen for implementation. One of the main reasons for the selection was the ability to integrate with Turning’s software development kit. RLHEC’s custom software is able to communicate with Turning’s response clickers to create a seamless solution that provides for interactive voting while still allowing for access to blended material such as video, keynote presentations, images and much more.
“The most important aspect about the center is the premise for which it has been built since it opened its doors in 1989,” said Health Educator and Technology Coordinator Kathy Lesch. “Its mission is to engage and empower students through very innovative, progressive and cutting-edge technology, and to reinforce and promote healthy choices. Many times that ability to empower choice today needs the help of technology to really put that choice in the hands of the students. The interactive voting technology is convenient, portable and reliable - it really fits our mission.”


RLHEC educators have seen the most success with the solutions in outreach programs. Now teachers are able to transport the response clickers in small, soft cases that can be worn over-the-shoulder, eliminating the large, heavy bins of the previous solution. Outreach classrooms have also seen the benefit of SDK integration, as the software is used regularly during presentations. This allows offsite students to enjoy the same interactive experience afforded those who visit the Center on a field trip. Turning Technologies has extended the Center’s reach well beyond its four walls.
Educators also use the devices in combination with custom software to assess if students have been successful in learning. If the instant results indicate that not all participants understood a concept, it can be reviewed until understanding is proficient. Even when using the solution in teacher workshops, the clickers are incredibly helpful to be able to teach to the point. In addition, use of the clickers, provides RLHEC the ability to do pre and post testing of students, the data from which is crucial when approaching potential funders. It’s very hands-on. It puts the students in first position,” Lesch explains. “The student is the one that is going to change his or her health; not me in the next 90 minute program. If we can put something in the hands of students that sets their wheels turning, gets them critically thinking and allows them to walk away remembering answering questions with the clickers; then we’ve met our mission: teaching health because lives depend on it.”