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TurningPoint's Many Options Make for an Ideal Campus-Wide SRS Solution

Versatile interactive student polling solutions meet the needs of everyone on campus.


Lesley Speller, a Research and Support Specialist with the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, worked in emerging technologies and studied technology. When the university’s provost decided it would be beneficial to become a single student response clicker campus, Speller conducted the original research and worked with the Teaching and Faculty Support Center to facilitate their choice of which student response company would be best for a campus-wide implementation.


After researching student response systems, the university was down to three options. Ultimately, Turning Technologies was chosen because of the superior customer support and the simplicity of the student clickers and interactive polling software.
TurningPoint student polling software is tied to an account which provides students access to mobile responding capabilities. In addition, instructors have the option for students to leverage traditional student clicker devices if they prefer. With Turning Technologies' mobile student clicker app, students are able to respond to interactive polling questions with any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and laptops. The university’s provost felt that offering learners and instructors the option to use student clickers or mobile devices added value to the polling software.
According to Speller, “We wanted to ensure that our students could use smartphones if they wanted to." 


The instructors used the response systems mostly in freshmen and sophomore courses to increase retention and to engage every student no matter the class size.
"Faculty have said that test scores have gone up and attendance has risen, too,” Speller said in reference to the results of using student clickers. She plans to encourage the further utilization of clickers with freshmen by promoting the use of student response systems in the first year experience program. By doing so, each student will have a clicker from the beginning and will have it for future classes. After the first year of using TurningPoint, Lesley noted that instructors are excited to continue using the interactive student polling software and the students have been enjoying using the response clickers in their courses.