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Gauge Opinions with Interactive Polling Software

TurningPoint's mobile response option makes it easy to gather community feedback during live events.


Located along the Texas-Mexico border in the southernmost part of the state is where you can find Hidalgo County. With a population of nearly 775,000 residents, it is the eighth-most populous county in Texas. County leaders in collaboration with The University of Texas-Pan American began discussions of a five-year initiative to monitor and guide the development of the community. During the initial meetings, it became clear to officials that public involvement would be needed to fully develop a plan.


McAllen Chamber Board Member, Brian Godinez had previously used audience response technology in a number of projects and knew the benefits of using the electronic voting clickers for public feedback. His team went ahead and implemented TurningPoint interactive polling software. Participants on-site used response clickers while people who could not attend responded with mobile devices and computers through TurningPoint's mobile response solution. The county panel launched a community summit entitled "IGNITE Hidalgo County," in order to gather public opinion.


80 residents came to the meeting and provided valuable feedback. Another 20 participated interactively from remote locations using a mobile responding device. Results collected were gathered and instantly compiled into detailed reports. Working closely with The University of Texas-Pan American, the collected feedback was analyzed in order to determine what tasks would be necessary to address the concerns of the community. From the data gathered, the committee developed an asset map and comprehensive strategy to promote economic development over the next five years. Due to its success, the county plans on implementing the interactive polling software and response clickers in other, similar meetings.