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Understand Your Audience Like Never Before with Response Systems

Institute incorporates response technology to enhance engagement and interaction.


The Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) is a leading provider of how-to solutions that harness the experience of Michigan's leading practitioners. Shel Stark is the Director of Specialty Programs and is responsible for all major institutes and skills training, which are often complicated, multi-day courses. Due to the large number of participants involved in these programs, any tools to engage and motivate audiences are highly sought after by the organization.


Interactive polling technology provided ICLE with a strategic advantage over other providers of CLE programs. After firsthand experience with audience response clickers during a meeting with the state bar of Michigan, Stark recognized the impact that the clicker voting system could have for CLE classes. Turning Technologies' TurningPoint and audience response clickers were considered due to their affordable price, but quickly became the frontrunner as a result of their additional features.


With the implementation of TurningPoint interactive voting technology, ICLE now has a much better understanding of who is in the audience. During sessions, ICLE speakers can collect a comprehensive view of participant composition to design programs to better meet the needs of registrants. ICLE continues to offer TurningPoint to its speakers and regularly uses the system in its live events. Participants enjoy the response clicker system and often request to borrow it. With ICLE interactive training, Stark and his team remain confident in the instruction provided to attorneys in order to better serve their clients.