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Gather ideas from web-enabled devices in an efficient, orderly manner.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., McAllen, Texas transformed from a small section in the Rio Grande Valley to a leader of business and commerce in the region. Public Relations Specialist, Brian Godinez moved to the area and created Godinez Communications, offering companies and institutions in south Texas with a variety of communications, marketing and business development services. Over the years, Godinez seen the advantage of community involvement in his projects. When asked to conduct a branding exercise, he knew that certain entities within the city would have a great influence. How to gather everyone's ideas in an efficient, orderly manner was his greatest challenge.

Godinez was confident that Turning Technologies could find a solution for the city. While TurningPoint polling software had fit the needs of previous projects, Godinez was tasked with not only asking polling participants at the convention center where the workshop took place, but also interacting with a television and webcast audience. A local cable access channel would be broadcasting the presentation, and a webcast would be available on McAllen's official site - both live as the event took place. Luckily, Turning Technologies' mobile response option could accomplish all three of these tasks.

All devices from the 160 participants worked together seamlessly. The results from participants were gathered and tallied within a matter of seconds - and displayed in TurningPoint's PowerPoint slides. Within a matter of an hour and 18 questions, the city had solid input to follow for their new branding campaign. According to Godinez, everyone was "thrilled, entertained and engaged. It went off without a hitch." "Our city IT staff, led by Brenda Mercado, was able to customize and easily integrate TurningPoint's technology into the city's web system without any problems. The success of the event is really due to their hard work and knowledge of advanced technologies," Godinez said. "We literally raised the bar on community involvement. Citizens can vote community-wide from the convenience of a home office or mobile device, and be a part of the selection process on anything." The presentation was well-received from the city manager, mayor, institutional leaders and all that were invited to attend - and Godinez is just getting started with Turning's products.