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Lecturing with TurningPoint

Instant, in-the-moment feedback provides positive interaction with audience response technology.

Dr. Joel Dickerman is the Medical Director for the Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation. He realized there would be a need for additional communication throughout his lectures; not all of the resident physicians were becoming involved in presentations. Dr. Dickerman wanted to increase response and feedback from participants and the capability to look at their answers on the spot, in order to adjust lectures based on the knowledge understood. He also was interested in developing an electronic lecture evaluation system and the ability to allow physicians to answer questions on case studies.

Dr. Dickerman implemented TurningPoint polling software and audience response systems and realized that it would be a solution to increase interaction between himself and his learners. TurningPoint allows lecturers to ask questions and immediately collect and evaluate feedback. He was able to increase the level of communication and improve attentiveness through both effective and energetic group lectures. He quickly created interactive presentations through TurningPoint's integrated PowerPoint toolbar.

Dr. Dickerman stated his participants enjoyed the electronic polling of data with keypads - just for the simple fact that it saves them the time and effort of manually inputting results onto paper. Students are able to receive appropriate feedback on their understanding of lecture items. When students did not comprehend a concept, the facilitator was able to instantaneously change their approach to a topic.

Dr. Dickerman plans on continued use of TurningPoint in the future for more case study presentations. With audience response systems, he hopes to evaluate physician medical knowledge at the beginning of instruction and then review understanding learned. TurningPoint transformed the lectures at Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation from inactive into powerful, two-way experiences with audience response technology. It gives facilitators the ability to assess participant comprehension and insight, evaluate lectures, pre-plan future instruction and save time both before and during the lecture.