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Track Your Audience Over Time through Polling Software

A global test and measurement company uses TurningPoint polling and response clickers to confirm retention during technical product training.


Dr. Scott Vacha of Agilent Technologies supports the training and implementation of molecular genetics tools in various capacities. Concerned about the amount of information presented during a national sales event, Dr. Vacha wanted to create a highly interactive environment to ensure participant engagement and retention over multiple days.


TurningPoint interactive polling software and audience response clickers were used to maintain attention and to track retention within sessions. Multiple speakers across multiple days utilized the polling software and TurningPoint was able to merge files across all sessions to provide a consolidated report. Pre- and post-testing was implemented to ensure the material was understood during the course of the event. Because the software supported user-defined participant groups, individual and group prizes could be awarded based on points earned throughout the event. Title slides for each session were also linked to TurningPoint in order for attendees to receive points for arriving to sessions on time.


Dr. Vacha used the reporting capabilities to calculate point totals for individual prizes. Utilizing the merge session feature, he was able to determine overall award winners, provide detailed reports to various departments and even track attendance for employee coaching conversations. After the success of the event, Dr. Vacha plans on utilizing the interactive response system and presentation clickers in other training sessions and even developed a check-out system to make the response technology available to other teams.