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Measuring and Evaluating Company Performance

Interactive polling software plays a key role in assessing employee feedback.

Headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota, Andersen Corporation is the largest window and door manufacturer in North America with more than 9,000 employees at nearly two dozen locations across the country, with sales worldwide. As a Learning Facilitator, Jocelyn Lauer plans and coordinates training courses designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skillset to understand company objectives, guidelines and resources. She also collaborates on special projects including an employee engagement survey performed every two years to collect feedback to assess the pulse of Andersen.

"Initially, the survey would go out to employees on paper to fill out and there would be a lot of work involved to record and enter the results onto a computer," stated Lauer. "We then moved to an electronic survey, but being a manufacturing facility, we have a majority of workers out on the floor who do not have access to a company email account."

Jocelyn and the training staff incorporated an audience response system with the survey and experienced success. However, over time the technology became outdated and it was up to Jocelyn to find a solution similiar to their current tool, but with advanced capabilities that would allow a large group of people to be surveyed quickly in a single setting.

After receiving approval from executive members on new response technology, Jocelyn researched and collected bids on several solutions, but found Turning Technologies' TurningPoint interactive polling software and audience response systems stood out from the competition for its affordability and simplicity.

"Software setup involved little effort and an easy-to-use interface as well as the fact of being integrated with PowerPoint greatly benefited the training department," stated Lauer. "We now had the opportunity to survey up to 100 employees at one time without hassling with paperwork or a spotty internet connection." The technology provided exceptional convenience in reducing the time spent to collect and analyze data and offered Jocelyn the chance to focus her resources on other crucial assets within Andersen Corporation.

Incorporating TurningPoint and audience response devices with the employee survey proved to be highly beneficial for Andersen Corporation as the staff collected real-time and detailed feedback, which shed light on information the company otherwise may have not been aware of with another solution. Moving forward, Jocelyn plans to utilize the technology through other facets of Andersen.

"We're looking forward to use Turning Technologies' solutions in a multitude of ways throughout training, which includes new employee orientations," stated Lauer. "Down the road we plan to implement the technology in a larger setting for our town hall meetings, which we're very excited about." Jocelyn noted she appreciates Turning Technologies' free training webinars and they've been influential in providing her with the knowledge and best practices that she in return can instruct to staff members. The possibilities are endless as Andersen Corporation begins a new chapter with Turning Technologies.