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Staying Interactive and Agile

Polling and audience response systems offer a one-of-a-kind presentation experience.

The Walker Company is a small healthcare consulting firm working primarily with hospitals and hospital associations across the United States. President of The Walker Company, Larry Walker is a strong advocate of engaging interactive presentations that enable group discussion and dialogue rather than a standard lecture. In order to create the collaborative environment he was looking for, Walker began using audience response technology. His first experience with the technology, however, was less than desirable.

While attending a national meeting of the American Hospital Association, Walker witnessed firsthand Turning Technologies' audience response systems and his interest in using the devices was reignited. "I was really impressed with the portability - the size of the response devices - and obviously with the way the AHA was using it," said Walker. "I had been very disappointed with the other system I was using. Until I discovered TurningPoint, I had given up on the idea of using audience response systems to support what we do. I thought the technology was too expensive and difficult to use, and I did not want to have to haul two big suitcases of hardware into meetings. And renting was costly, too."

According to Walker, he "wasn't going to use another system until I knew it was bulletproof - and TurningPoint was exactly what I was looking for." Walker found that with audience response solutions, people are more attentive, and consistently rank the technology as one of the highest values of his presentations. In addition to TurningPoint, Walker incorporated PresenterCard, which allows him to ask questions on-the-fly and remain on his feet, interacting among the crowd.

Walker continues to use his now TurningPoint system, which accommodates most of his presentations. For larger audiences, he rents additional response technology. TurningPoint and the use of PresenterCard garnered him much attention among his colleagues. He is often asked about the response system during conferences. "Every time I use TurningPoint, someone asks me about the system. I've come to the point where I just pass out Turning Technologies' business cards. I refer others because I know the company is rock-solid, delivers superior customer service and has outstanding products. Turning Technologies is one of the companies I'm always proud to refer to anybody."