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Need Directions? The Roadmap to Successful Audience Polling

Using interactive polling software and audience response clickers to seek public input on key transportation projects.


As Director of Long Range Planning for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Tanisha Hall is responsible for the planning, development and management of statewide transportation studies and planning guides. Her team identifies transportation needs through the analysis of travel and safety data, but most importantly, seeks public input on which investments are feasible. Tanisha wanted to explore new opportunities on how the division could present TDOT’s visionary ideas in a unique interactive setting.

The Long Range Planning Division implemented Turning Technologies’ TurningPoint interactive polling software and audience response clickers in its Book-A-Planner presentations. Tanisha and her team now had the chance to create powerful presentations exclusively for different types of venues, instead of relying on the same demonstration. “Our old meeting structure was very static with people coming up after the presentation to ask questions” said Hall. “However, once we added TurningPoint and the audience response clickers, we were able to ask and survey the audience during our presentations and collect immediate and detailed results without having to transcribe or download any information.” Presenters gained access to real-time data which in return they could share with the audience and address any concerns without waiting until the end of the presentation.
The Long Range Planning Division used TurningPoint interactive polling and audience response clickers in more than 80 presentations over the course of several months. “It helped us change the whole way we do public involvement within our division and now we can provide people with an informative breakdown of important transportation issues happening across Tennessee,” said Hall. Overwhelming support from the public and TDOT resulted in the division purchasing additional ResponseCard presentation clickers to incorporate into other community events. Other divisions within TDOT have taken notice and requested to use the audience polling technology for their own coordinated events.