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The ExamView Effect

Assessment software becomes key factor to saving time on test prep and allowing for more focus on teaching.

The bell rings and hallway traffic subsides as students make their way to class. It’s the start of a new day at Coalhurst High School in southern Alberta, Canada. In Mr. Swen’s Period 1 class, students take their seats and review a study guide ahead of today’s exam. Ben Swen is known as the “science guru” at Coalhurst. He teaches biology, chemistry and physics courses for grades 9-12. Students look and feel confident as they begin the test.

Eight years prior, Swen was a new teacher at the school. One day while making a test, he decided to do some research. “I was looking for exam banks for test questions through a textbook publisher when I stumbled upon ExamView,” stated Swen. “Initially, the test banks were all I needed.”  

is a test generation software, unique in the way that educators can create assignments, launch classroom assessment questions and collect student responses in a matter of minutes. “Once I figured how powerful ExamView was as not only a test generator, but a complete assessment solution, I began using the software on a regular basis for online tests and study guides through the learning management system integration,” mentioned Swen. Additionally, Swen utilizes ExamView for a variety of academic benchmarks, including formative and summative quizzes as well as midterm and final exams.

“ExamView offers features and functionality making it a way more efficient tool than a regular word processing document, and there is nothing else comparable that I've come across.”

Time; it’s the single biggest factor Swen experienced with the ExamView assessment maker. The countless hours to create a test were replaced with a simplified and automated format system to develop customized assessments in just minutes. Swen can easily reformat a question or page without disrupting the entire test, which saves him on average an hour of preparation per exam. 

Swen now spends more time on the quality of questions that result in students being able to demonstrate a much higher level of learning. Since Swen teaches different science courses, he gives separate tests for each class in print and digital formats. ExamView provides an LMS connection to Schoology, so he can launch, review and manage online tests from one platform.

Word has spread around the school about ExamView’s ease of use and nearly three-fourths of the staff depend on the assessment solution. “There’s a comfort level with ExamView and efficiency over any word processor is tremendously better time wise to create a test,” said Swen. “Whether it’s a study guide, test or test bank, you can simply pull and choose your questions as you please.”