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Response Technology Delivers Anonymous Feedback

TurningPoint collects honest, anonymous feedback instantly on community preferences.

Catherine Keske is an adjunct professor and principal investigator on a national research initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Catherine and her team created questions to ask citizens pertaining to the mining, recreation and economic development of rural Colorado towns Alma and Leadville. She faced a challenge to make participants feel comfortable and confident providing honest, anonymous feedback regarding preferences for economic growth.

Interactive PowerPoint software TurningPoint was chosen to be used for multiple projects. Catherine could already see the benefits of integrating response systems during her meetings. TurningPoint was used to gather results from highly targeted questions that will contribute to the ongoing research in phase two and three. Many of the participants were excited to use the response technology, and asked to be included in the follow-up results.

The use of TurningPoint helped to gather honest opinions on a controversial topic. In order to verify that feedback was sincere, she conducted post-event surveys which asked if participants felt confident in responding and secure that answers were anonymous. Attendees gave the system the highest marks possible, confirming the fact that participants contributed honest answers. The results gathered at the meeting will aid in phase two and three of the project, improving the quality of the research conducted.