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SRS Technology Supports Innovative Teaching and Active Learning

Embracing a mobile student response solution to apply a flipped classroom approach.

Christopher Edwards was the Assistant Dean for Information Technology & Communications in the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati and the Director in the Center for Academic Technology and Educational Resources when he helped lead the university toward Turning Technologies' mobile student response solution. Both of these teams work collaboratively to enhance the delivery of technology and instructional strategy in the classroom, including TurningPoint student response. TurningPoint is integrated throughout the College of Nursing, but is used differently for a variety of applications by various faculty.


Due to technological advancements, the College of Nursing wanted to move students from passive learners into an instructional learning environment where they are part of the learning process. The college wanted to ensure students were discovering, applying and eventually driving faculty members toward a flipped classroom model where the didactic content becomes the responsibility of the student.


All sophomores are required to purchase iPad® minis. Sophomore classes are typically larger with tiered, fixed seating that makes active learning harder to implement. The iPad and supporting technologies like iBooks, iTunes U, Apple TV, e-texts and other apps create opportunities for active learning that could not have been applied earlier. With this transition, the College of Nursing moved away from traditional student response clickers to Turning Technologies’ mobile student response system app.

As Edwards explained, “Standardization is a pillar of what we do here, and there are a lot of reasons why we standardize. We do so to leverage cost, but more importantly to develop trainings and best practice communities around a particular technology.” He continued, “TurningPoint is very robust. It does 99% of what every competing solution will do. We are standardized and have been standardized with TurningPoint because it provides the solution we need.”


The College of Nursing went through a strategic planning process, which created the new vision, “Through creative leveraging of technology, UC College of Nursing will lead the transformation of health care in partnership informed by the people we serve.” Turning Technologies’ student polling solutions are a key learning tool and component of that vision. Due to its ease of use, familiarity and versatility with its mobile student response solution, the college is looking forward to its continued partnership.

Edwards commented, “I believe we have a real opportunity to transform education to not only deliver the content, but in the way that faculty interact with students, the way students interact with each other and the way all participants interact with the physical space. A flipped classroom makes for a richer learning experience where the students are applying, discussing and thinking – no longer being fed content that is memorized. We’re very excited about what this is going to look like in a few years.”