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Using TurningPoint for Interactive Gaming

Interactive polling software makes learning fun for children through gamification.

The Mississippi Children's Museum held an educational fair aimed to create hands-on experiences that made learning seem less like a chore and more like fun. Volunteers led professional demonstrations, including a full recreation of an accident scene equipped with trauma teams and medevac helicopter. One of the presentations, entitled "Are You Smarter Than a Scarecrow?" provided a game show atmosphere.

The game show would rotate groups of about 200 students at a time in front of a large presentation screen to take part in a fifteen or sixteen question quiz. The original idea was to create teams of five or six students from participating schools and have the rest of the children watch from the audience. However, one of the committee members wanted to involve all attendees, and pointed to Turning Technologies' audience response systems for simultaneous voting on a large scale.

With the use of TurningPoint polling software, each student was given a clicker to answer questions during the presentation. The keypads required the simple press of a button to respond, and proved no difficulty for the young users. Presentations were also easily generated in TurningPoint, 100% native to PowerPoint to compile the series of questions using interactive slides. "What is the state flower of Mississippi?" "What American explorers first journeyed to the Pacific Northwest?" and "What is the name of Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz?" were just a few of the questions asked during the show. The enthusiasm of the students made for a sensational event.

"The exhibit was one of the highlights of the fair. TurningPoint really added to the presentation, and the students were extremely enthusiastic about participating with the clickers," said volunteer Bill Hays. "We are excited about using TurningPoint again - it was a big success!"

"Just to see the enthusiasm of the kids for learning, because it was presented in such an entertaining way with TurningPoint, was truly magical," said game show chairman Susan Mayfield. "If even one child decided to stay in school because of the experience the education fair provided, it is well worth the effort. Many of our volunteers are now specifically requesting to work in the game show because of last year's response."