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Discover new possibilities to create a dynamic and collaborative environment with DualBoard. The multi-user interactive whiteboard allows two participants or groups the unique opportunity to simultaneously work together anywhere on the surface to control and annotate over content with a whiteboard pen. Patented technology delivers high resolution imagery to define even the smallest annotation and easily recognize handwriting.



Technology Electromagnetic
Resolutions 4,096 points (lines) per inch internal, output at 1,000 lines per inch (39.4 lines per mm)
79 Inch Models(1279): 47,500 X 63,000
89 Inch Models(1289): 47,500 X 75,000
97 Inch Modes(1297): 47,500 x 84,000
Hardware Interface Serial (RS-232) and Universal Serial Bus (USB), RF Com Option
Software Drivers Windows® 7, 8, 10, Vista®
Mac OS X®
Operating Temperature 40° to 115° F (5° to 46° C)
Storage Temperature -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Warranty 2 years
Included Components
  • Pen Charger
  • 2 Rechargeable Pens
  • Power Cable
  • 25' serial (RS-232) Cable and 15' USB
  • Wall Mount Bracket and Hardware for Mounting
  • Power Supply with 10' cord
Active Area Size (Diagonal) Aspect Ratio Width Height Weight
79 Inch 4:3 68.3 inches (173.5 cm) 52.75 inches (134 cm) 50.045 lb (22.7 kg)
89 Inch 16:10 80.5 inches (204.4 cm) 52.75 inches (134 cm) 52.2 lb (24 kg)
97 Inch 16:9 89.5 inches (227.2 cm) 52.75 inches (134 cm) 61.6 lb (28 Kg)

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Whiteboard Software

Award-winning WorkSpace software powers the Mobi View, allowing instructors to choose from more than 60 easy-to use annotation tools to deliver content, focus on specific lesson points and highlight critical information. Convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes and equations into printed content, making material more readable for participants.

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DualBoard Student

Multiple Functions for Multiple Learners

Multi-functionality allows DualBoard to act as a standard dry erase board, so markers can be used and easily erased. Work surface produces minimal glare when used in Interactive mode with a projector. Split Screen or Sandbox modes allow multiple users to annotate and work within one larger display for greater engagement and cooperation. Sandbox mode enables multiple users to collaborate in one, large display area so entire group can work collectively.

AdjustIt 3 Stand

The AdjustIt 3 Stand (sold separately) allows the Touch Board Plus to be stationary or mobile. Easy-to-use system provides mobility from class to class and around the room, and enables educators to adjust the board to any height. The AdjustIt 3 Stand includes a universal video projector arm that is compatible with short throw projectors.

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