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Enhanced lecture

Enhanced lecture

Enhance lectures by incorporating interactive teaching methods that can lead to increased attendance, engagement and learning.

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Using TurningPoint to Enhance Active Learning Environments


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Engaging All Class Sizes with Student Response Systems


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Audience Response System: Effect on Learning in Family Medicine Residents


"I teach a lot of morning classes and that’s sometimes difficult for students, but with TurningPoint they have to stay alert and listen to the lecture because every so often I’ll put a clicker question in.”

- Dr. Carol DeNysschen, Associate Professor
of Dietetics and Nutrition, Buffalo State College

How it works with TurningPoint.

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  • Use TurningPoint to engage students and spark discussions regarding learning material.

  • Facilitate small-group discussions after the majority of students answered a polling question incorrectly.

  • Conduct knowledge check questions before starting a topic to uncover what students already know, allowing you to adjust instruction.