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Immediate feedback

Immediate feedback

Providing students with immediate feedback when they answer a question inaccurately has been shown to increase test scores and retention of material.

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When Awareness Promotes Prevention


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TurningPoint's Role in Student Learning and Technological Innovation


“People attending our courses come from all sorts of clinical backgrounds and roles, and when we are discussing a particular case, we can ask the audience what they would do next. We can compare the results immediately, which in turn provokes further discussions. We can also take a vote before we discuss a contentious subject, and then another vote afterwards. A graph shows how people’s attitudes have changed during the course of the debate."

- Dr. Adam Fox, Honorary Senior Lecturer,
King's College London

How it works with TurningPoint.

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  • By providing a chart and correct answer indicator, learners and instructors get immediate results and awareness of the correct answer.

  • To view learner-specific responses, use a split/dual screen to view the participant monitor only on the instructor's laptop.

  • Provide each individual learner with their "Results by Participant" report as a study guide.