Accessible Response Solutions

Turning Technologies is committed to serving the disabled community. Our dedicated team is currently developing new, accessible solutions that will be usable by all learners. We regularly hold usability and accessibility testing sessions to understand the needs of all users and how our products can be enhanced accordingly.


Council of Administrators of Special Education

CASE Endorsement

"The CASE Executive Committee was extremely impressed and unanimously agreed to endorse Turning Technologies' ResponseCard RF. There is no question that ResponseCard RF will help educators assess student performance and create a high level of student engagement, particularly those with special needs. The ResponseCard RF's ability to gather data while delivering formative and summative assessments will give teachers the opportunity to assess the needs of all learners, thereby helping to raise achievement at all levels."

- Luann Purcell, Ed.D., Executive Director of CASE

CASE Endorsed ResponseCard RF

ResponseCard RF

The ResponseCard RFclicker takes advantage of the latest response technology advancements. It is optimized for small, medium and large learning environments while providing easy-to-use features and functionality that ensure responses are accurately, timely and effortlessly transmitted.

ResponseCard RF Accessibility with Braille Characters

ResponseCard RF Accessibility (RF-A)

Designed for the visually impaired, this radio frequency clicker contains all the features and functionality of ResponseCard RF, but with Braille characters adjacent to the corresponding buttons. In addition, ResponseCard RF-A includes a vibration motor that pulses when various actions occur. ResponseCard RF-A is an accessible response solution that works seamlessly with standard ResponseCards.

ResponseWare with Enhanced Readability


ResponseWare is a virtual response solution that allows participants to respond through web-enabled devices, as well as applications available for smartphones and tablets. ResponseWare supports the needs of the accessible community with enhanced readability that works with screen readers.


The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT®) is a form developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to illustrate how specific software products meet the requirements of Section 508 Standards. Explore Turning Technologies' VPATs to determine which response solution will work best with your learning environment.

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