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Student Registration

November 27, 2012

Students Register NowOne of the most important aspects of successful clicker use in the classroom is Student Registration. When using Clickers and ResponseWare for grading, students must have their Device ID registered so that their personal information corresponds with their Device ID, thus allowing for grading to occur. Clicker Device IDs are six digits in length and alphanumeric in nature using the letters A-E and the numbers 0-9. Clicker Device IDs are located on the back of the clicker, below the barcode as shown here:
Product tag Product tag highlighting Device ID
ResponseWare Device IDs are located within the software license e-mail the student will receive from Turning Technologies once the license has been purchased. They can also locate their Device ID at within their account (which they will create to activate their software license). ResponseWare Device IDs are eight digits in length, usually beginning with 1000 or 1001, and alphanumeric in nature using the letters A-E and the numbers 0-9.
ResponseWare Information about Device ID
Students using ResponseWare will connect in class through either a FREE app for their smartphones or through a web browser on their laptop. They can access these resources as follows:

Depending on the software version you are using in the classroom, TurningPoint Legacy (versions 4.5 and lower) or TurningPoint 5, it may affect how your students will register their Device ID for your class. Campuses using TurningPoint Legacy (versions 4.5 and lower) can use the following methods for Student Registration:

  • Web Registration Utility
  • Current LMS Integration: please check with your Campus or Account Executive for more information.

Campuses using TurningPoint 5 can use the following method for Student Registration: