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Getting Started with Clickers in Higher Education

January 15, 2014


  How do I get started with Clickers in Higher Education?

Getting started with clickers can seem like a daunting task – but it’s not!  Here are some steps to set you on the right path to use clickers in your classroom.

The following video is a quick overview of TurningPoint 5 Software and what it can offer you:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Software, it is time to begin your journey of getting set up and ready to go:

  • Request an Instructor Kit:
    • An Instructor Kit is for instructors that are adopting clickers for their class(es).
    • An Instructor Kit contains a clicker and receiver for you to practice your presentations.
  • Add Clickers to your Bookstore Order (return to your Department Designee or Bookstore Representative)
    • Include the course name and number of clickers needed in stock for your class(es).
    • Provide the following ISBN for the clicker currently used on campus.
      Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT  ISBN:  978-1-934931-49-3
      ResponseCard RF LCD  ISBN: 978-1-934931-40-0
      Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF  ISBN: 978-1-934931-39-4
  • Consider ResponseWare
    • What is ResponseWare? 
      • ResponseWare is a mobile solution that can be used in the same environment as clickers. 
      • ResponseWare is available as an App for the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch and Android™ products. 
      • ResponseWare is also available for any web-enabled device at:
    • Make sure your campus supports ResponseWare
      • Some campuses are not equipped with access points to sufficiently run mobile solutions of any kind.
      • Some campuses, at the request of the faculty, do not support mobile solutions like ResponseWare, as they do not want extra distractions in the classroom.
    • Request a ResponseWare Presenter Account
      • If you plan to use ResponseWare in your classroom, you must request access from your Campus Clicker Support Team or Account Executive at Turning Technologies.
      • Your ResponseWare Presenter Account access will come to you via email from:
      • Check your spam or junk mail since sometimes this email is diverted.
      • Your access will be your school email address and a password you will set at:
      • You will use these credentials to turn on ResponseWare in the classroom prior to polling your students.
  • USB RF receiver
    • Classroom computer users – make sure that the classroom computer has a receiver. 
      • This can be done by contacting your Campus Clicker Support Team.
      • If a receiver is not available, you should bring your Instructor Kit receiver.
    • Personal computer users – remember to bring your Instructor Kit receiver to class!
  • Direct LMS Integrations
  • Download Current Software
    • Please Note:  You will want to check with your Campus Clicker Support Team to verify which version of the software they are currently supporting on campus.
    • Downloads for both Mac and PC (Windows) are available at:
    • Select Current for the most up to date version of the software.
  • Decide which Polling option to use in class
    • Anywhere Polling – Anywhere Polling allows you to poll over any application using a floating interactive toolbar, including web pages, videos, documents, etc.
    • PowerPoint Polling – PowerPoint Polling is integrated in PowerPoint, which allows you to poll using questions built in PowerPoint presentations.
  • View the corresponding tutorial page for the polling type of your choosing
  • Sign up for Training
  • Practice-Practice-Practice
    • By practicing before reaching the classroom, you are in control of the situation and know what steps you need to take to be successful in the classroom.
      • Make a Participant List
      • Create Content (PowerPoint Slide, Question List, Document, etc.)
      • Run a Session & Save a Session
      • Upload Grades
  • Suggestion: Update syllabus and/or LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, D2L, etc.) to include clicker information and resources for your students