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New Year, New You

December 14, 2016

College campuses are a bit quiet these days as students wrap up final exams. As you get a much deserved break to enjoy the eggnog with family and friends, we can’t help but look ahead to 2017. 
According to the numbers, only 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution will actually succeed in meeting their goals. Jim Carrey said it best: ‘So you’re telling me there’s a chance?’ 
Of course anything is possible, but one of the most common reasons New Year’s resolutions are broken is because people over-commit and do not make realistic goals. Well that’s about to change. How do you feel about your current lecture format? In need of a makeover? Let’s make it our resolution for 2017 to enhance instruction in the classroom. With TurningPoint polling software, you have a direct link to collaborating with students through interactive instruction. 
Without further ado, we present to you 10 ways to wow your learners in the new year through interactive polling.
Create and use TurningPoint slides to emphasize a theme, incident or character important to the day’s lecture. Include students in the discussion of the results.
Today’s Top Story
Try asking a question learners will have varied and strong opinions about and use the results to create the day’s discussion.
Practice Makes Perfect
Question slides take time to ask, as well as answer. Allow enough time in your lesson for interactive questions and student discussion. 
Don’t Overindulge 
Ask questions sparingly to highlight the concepts you most want to emphasize. Think carefully about the main points of a lecture and create questions to target them.
Award Attendance
Assign point values through TurningPoint to answers instead of simply setting them as right or wrong, and reward participation points.
Friendly Competition 
Add a competitive element by tracking individual teams, groups or students with TurningPoint. You can then view individual or team scores from your session, or even see who answered the fastest. 
Talk Data to Me
Assign demographics to track how specific student groups respond. For example, 75% of students who understood the material were all subject majors while the 25% who did not were nonmajors confused by the material. 
Hand Over the Reins
Modify instruction in real-time, based on the students’ responses. Use on-the-fly slides to allow for various answers.
Prep Rally
Studies show students benefit the most with a combination of review and opinion questions. Try asking review questions that cover similar material and ask questions corresponding to what will be covered on the test.
Come Full Circle
Ask a question via TurningPoint, then allow learners group discussion and answer time. After students respond, show the chart and use it to generate class conversation, this time asking for reasoning. Based on the ideas shared, follow up with another TurningPoint question for final responses.