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New Year. Same Goal.

January 18, 2017

Welcome back! It’s the start of a new semester (or quarter for some of you). How was the fall semester? Did your lectures go according to plan? With the calendar changing over to 2017, a new year allows us to hit the reset button and take a fresh approach to teaching, but with the same goal in mind: student success. 
First, let’s reflect and review instruction. Do you find learners collaborating with one another? With the right student response tools, you can engage your class and identify their understanding in real-time. For example, TurningPoint interactive student polling software provides a direct integration with PowerPoint® to poll your learners and collect detailed reports for meaningful, decision-making data. 
Next, we can determine content for our interactive slides based on class objectives. Categorizing questions will allow you to place them in the most effective context of your lecture. We put together three common categories used to classify the types of poll questions for students that you can ask with interactive polling.

Using student clickers, our student response system app, or a combination of both, you can assess your students’ prior knowledge, as well as any misconceptions they may have. These types of questions should be used at the beginning of a new unit or lecture.
Evaluate your students’ current understanding of the principles, how they might apply concepts and how their current thinking may be changing. These student polling questions should be used occasionally throughout a lecture. They will also enable you to alter the direction of the course by allowing you to judge the students’ comprehension. 
With a student response system, you will be able to judge a learners’ ability to synthesize concepts in order to solve problems, see how their understanding might have changed and to observe their overall comprehension of the subject. These poll questions for students may be used for review at the end of the unit or lecture, or for assessment at the end of the term.
Now you’re ready to take on the new year with student response systems. Let’s make this the best semester yet!