Ask Meaningful Student Polling Questions with TurningPoint

February 8, 2017

The key to keeping participants engaged and involved during presentations is to ask the right questions. Our audience response clickers and mobile student response solutions can provide the tools you need to incorporate meaningful questions that inspire learners to think critically while encouraging interaction, collaboration and communication.

Monitor Comprehension
Student clicker questions can help instructors ensure material is effective by asking participants to recall concepts mid-presentation or by delivering pre- and post-tests. Being able to analyze comprehension instantly allows instructors to tailor a presentation to each group of learners by repeating information if it is not widely understood or skipping parts of the session that are already mastered.

Increase Conceptual Understanding
Spark discussions by incorporating common misconceptions as answer choices. With this tactic, instructors can recognize what misconceptions their learners hold, and focus on these as a means of increasing long-term understanding of concepts.

Apply Knowledge
Participants can apply knowledge of concepts to a particular situation or context. Predict ways participants will misapply a concept and integrate them into student answer choices to promote application of understanding. If many participants incorrectly answer, ask for their rationale to start a discussion.

Promote Critical Thinking
Ask participants to analyze relationships among multiple concepts or make evaluations based on particular criteria. Facilitate discussions based on reasoning behind participant answer choices and re-poll students with their clicker keypads or student response system app to see if answers change.