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Webinars: Master TurningPoint Student Response Software from the Basics and Beyond

March 8, 2017

TurningPoint polling software can be a vital tool in helping instructors support proven learning theories, engage students and encourage critical thinking. Instructors can even create a test, deliver evaluations and administer surveys using our Self-Paced student polling feature.

But first, in order to get the full benefits of our student response technology, instructors have to know how to use it. From those who have never used response technology before, to TurningPoint experts, our Client Success Team has a webinar for you!

The webinars are either 30 minutes or an hour, and are packed with useful information. Check out the options below, and visit our Registration Page to learn more about dates and times and to sign up. We hope to see you there!

Understanding Your Participant List
Join us for a 30-minute presentation on Understanding Your Participant List.  We will discuss each section as it relates to your students, as well as provide helpful tips for reviewing and updating your file.

Managing Your Sessions
Sign up for a 30-minute presentation on Managing Your Sessions.  We will discuss various aspects of the Session process such as editing, merging, sharing and uploading grades.

Thinking Outside the Box - Creative Use
Discover how to incorporate interesting and unique multimedia resources with the Anywhere Polling option. Incorporate student response clickers with research-proven learning theories to increase engagement in your courses. Topics that will be discussed include pedagogical techniques such as Peer Instruction, Gamification and more! We are offering Thinking Outside the Box webinars designed for a general audience as well as ones tailored for instructors in medical fields.

How Can We Help? (Q&A)
Join us for an informative and interactive 60-minute chat focused on the student response system and interactive polling questions you have on your mind! Please include your question in your registration. Questions we are unable to get to during the session will be answered in the follow-up email.