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Test with Confidence: The Benefits of Self-Paced Polling

March 22, 2017

Most instructors use TurningPoint polling software to engage students and promote active learning, but that’s not all it can do. Our easy-to-use Self-Paced Polling option offers a simple way to create your own tests in order to administer assessments, evaluations and surveys.

TurningPoint Advantages

Self-Paced polling allows students to proceed at their own pace and revisit exam questions as needed. Further, test answers are instantly collected and graded with the ability to export in customizable formats directly to your university's Learning Management System. This makes Self-Paced polling valuable for both formative and summative student evaluations. TurningPoint supports Assessment for Learning as instructors can easily administer short quizzes at any time, regardless of class size. The immediate results give students and instructors vital feedback that can influence class discussions and greatly enhance the learning process. TurningPoint’s reliability also makes it an ideal solution for high-stakes testing like mid-terms and finals.

From an institutional perspective, it is also a cost-effective, reliable testing solution that has low infrastructure demands, an intuitive interface and secure data collection capabilities for immediate results. Additional advantages include:

  • The front-end simplicity and reliability of paper testing combined with the back-end efficiency and automation of computer-based testing.


  • Digital answer submission that eliminates the cost and hassle of bubble sheet collection.


  • FERPA-compliance that ensures student response data is secure.


Self-Paced Polling also provides flexibility when administering exams. Instructors can:


  • Choose from a variety of test question types, including multiple choice, numeric and short answer.


  • Ask up to 250 exam questions to understand students' knowledge.


  • Deliver up to 20 different test versions.


  • Set a specific amount of time or an exact time for assessment completion.