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Your Guide to Master Tourney Time

March 14, 2017

It’s official. The madness is back! The most wonderful time of year to be a sports fan comes to fruition with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. For the next three weekends, people will watch incredible performances, missed opportunities and everyone’s favorite, buzzer beaters. 
2017 Tournament Challenge
These moments would not be as significant as they are today without a sheet of paper. From afar, it’s an ordinary piece of paper, but take a closer look and it reveals smarts, sensibility, integrity and, of course, some luck. This is your bracket sheet. You will come to rely on this as you map your way through the tournament. There will be open roads, but use caution as you approach unsuspecting potholes. At the end, everyone is vying for the same destination; bragging rights as crowned champion of their office pool.
We want to help you get there. This is our guide to mastering the tournament. We have foolproof tips to get you to the final four teams whether you’re a causal fan or certified bracketology expert. 
History Is On Your Side
No 16-seed has ever beat a one seed. Never. There’s been close calls through the years, but close only counts in horseshoes. 
Mascot Madness
Sammy the Slug, Keggy the Keg, Roboduck; you can’t go wrong selecting a team with a catchy mascot name.
Do Your Homework
Study up on players and review conference tournaments. This is a good indicator of which teams are heading into “The Big Dance” with momentum.
Heads or Tails?
When in doubt, flip a coin.
Upset City
We all know upsets will happen, but who will go down in defeat? Choose your picks wisely. Michigan State learned this the hard way last year losing as a two seed to 15-seed Middle Tennessee.
Star Power
Take note of star players. Remember Stephen Curry on Davidson?
Blue Looks Good on You
Unsure about a matchup? Go with team colors. Since 1985, teams with blue as their primary color have won the championship 20 times. Need a comparison? Red is second with just 7. Go with blue. 
Nice Resume
It’s best not to go against legendary college basketball coaches such as Coach K, Roy Williams and John Calipari.  
Location, Location, Location
Love visiting Florida? How about Hawaii? Go with geographic preference and pick the team whose location brings back good memories.
No Erasing!
Do not doubt yourself. Always go with your first instinct!
Now you’re ready grasshopper to conquer March! We wish you the best of luck filling out your bracket, or should we say brackets?