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Four Tips for Preparing Students for Finals

April 5, 2017

It’s April and that means finals week is just around the corner. These exams often dominate the end of the school year in the minds of many students, and have a big impact on their current and future success.

How can instructors help students to do their best on end-of-year tests? Here are a few tips that could make a big difference:

1.) Promote Academic Resources

Most campuses have numerous resources for students who need academic assistance – from writing centers and library workshops to advisors and tutors – but they won’t do any good if students don’t know about them. Giving students a list of resources prior to finals can point them in the right direction when they need it the most.

2.) Practice Makes Perfect

Review sessions are a great way to prepare students for an exam while also giving them an idea of what material will be on the test. TurningPoint interactive polling software can enhance these sessions by letting you use interactive questions to gauge student understanding, spark discussions and even divide the class into teams to make reviews into a game.

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3.) Give Guidance

Tools such as study guides or practice exams can give students insight into what they need to study and what test format they can expect. Offering information about effective study techniques can also help make sure all of their hard work actually pays off.

4.) Combat Anxiety

For some students, tests and anxiety go hand in hand. The above strategies can reduce anxiety by improving confidence and allowing students to feel more prepared. Further, research has indicated that simply taking 10 minutes to write down their thoughts and concerns about an exam just prior to taking the test can boost student scores. Campus counseling services can likewise help students discover techniques to reduce test anxiety in addition to all of the other vital support they provide.