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Help Community College Students Succeed with Interactive Student Response Systems and Agile Teaching

May 17, 2017

Community colleges play a big role in providing all students access to a quality education. They also face unique challenges in carrying out that mission. That prompts the question: Can interactive student response systems benefit community colleges as well as four-year institutions?

According to Ken Knox, an assistant professor of Business and Management at Eastern Gateway Community College, the answer is a resounding yes. Knox started using agile teaching and TurningPoint student polling in his classes several years ago in the hopes of engaging his students in interactive learning. Today, he uses it almost every day as a valuable tool to not only engage, but also to connect with his students and quickly adjust lessons to fit the needs of each class with agile teaching.

Check out the full case study to learn what his students think about student response clickers, the impact of formative assessment and why TurningPoint is great for promoting interactive learning and reaching a diverse range of community college students. Contact us to learn more about TurningPoint subscription rates designed to meet the needs of community colleges.