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Work Smarter, Not Harder!

May 10, 2017

You’re in good spirits, ready to seize the day and tackle your workload. Everything is going great in the office until Negative Nancy or Troubling Ted show up late to work. Regardless of the profession, we all seem to know that one individual who, putting it nicely, can be difficult to work with. 
For example, they believe meetings are best for texting friends and taking the latest “Which Celebrity Are You?” online quiz. They know trainings like the back of their hand. There’s no reason to participate. These bad habits can distract the team and derail an important business meeting.
If you’ve been unsuccessful in your countless attempts to transform difficult employees into delighted workers, fear no more! We’re thrilled to announce that Becky Pike Pluth will be a presenter in our Work Hacks for Business Success webinar series on Wednesday, May 17th. The name may sound familiar to you as Becky is a renowned training expert, best-selling author and President/CEO of The Bob Pike Group, a leading firm providing creative workplace training techniques. 
Becky has 20+ years of experience with Bob Pike’s Creative Training Techniques and vast knowledge in cross-functional training design and delivery. She easily employs a participant-centered approach to classroom, virtual and blended interactive learning. Becky is the author of numerous professional development training materials including:
  • Creative Training: A Train-the-Trainer Field Guide
  • Webinars with WOW Factor: Tips, tricks, and Interactivities for Virtual Training
  • 101 Movie Clips that Teach and Train
  • SCORE!: Super Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energizers, Vols. 3-6
Our one-time only webinar gives you the opportunity to learn from an expert on how participant-centered instruction can minimize negative behaviors and create a positive and exciting learning experience.
  • Understand and Manage the 6 Most Challenge Behaviors
  • Discover Coping Strategies to Promote Learning
  • Plan for Interactive Activities to Work with Participants
Work Hacks for Business Success: Dealing with Difficult Participants
Wednesday, May 17th from 3 PM to 4 PM EDT