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Case Study: Finding the perfect assessment technology for you

July 19, 2017

Professor of Chemistry David Perry from the University of Akron wanted to employ research-proven active learning theories in his classes with the help of daily, formative assessments. Further, he wanted a more efficient way of administering high-stakes exams that would allow him the flexibility of using various question types to assess student understanding.

The challenge was that his Principles of Chemistry II class enrolls between 100 and 200 students. Without even a teaching assistant to help, and with only bubble sheets available to him, administering daily quizzes would be a cumbersome process at best. The bubble sheets also limited him to multiple-choice questions for student assessments.

TurningPoint’s Self-Paced Polling environment turned out to be just the solution he needed. 

Click here to find out:

  • The four ways Dr. Perry incorporate Self-Paced Polling into his classroom
  • Ways that Self-Paced Polling supports active learning, even in a large lecture class
  • Why Dr. Perry prefers Self-Paced Polling assessment technology to antiquated bubble sheets
  • How TurningPoint interactive polling software allows for more demanding and nuanced testing of students

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