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6 Ways to Save Time with TurningPoint Interactive Polling Software

August 2, 2017

Dedicated instructors and student success are at the core of higher education. TurningPoint is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that streamlines the business of teaching to give instructors more time to focus on what matters most–providing a quality learning experience.

Capture a Snapshot of Student Understanding
Immediate feedback from students lets instructors check comprehension and tailor lessons in the moment to meet the needs of each individual class. Accelerate learning and poll with mobile devices, clickers or both in the same classroom!

Quickly Take Attendance
No need to waste time scanning ID cards or marking everyone’s attendance by hand. Just use the TurningPoint attendance feature or ask a student polling question to track who is present with the click of a button.

Grade Quizzes and Exams Instantly
TurningPoint’s reliable Self-Paced Polling makes it a breeze to administer and automatically grade formative and summative assessments ranging from daily quizzes to high-stakes exams.

Support Active Learning
TurningPoint allows instructors to implement Peer Instruction, Gamification and other innovative, research-based learning theories with ease.

Review Data At-A-Glance
Identify students who are struggling and evaluate the efficacy of lessons with detailed reports of all polling data.

Get Started Right Away
Setting up your class to use TurningPoint is simple. Our team of dedicated Client Success Leaders will walk you through the process every step of the way and our extensive online training resources are available around the clock. Even after the semester starts, it is easy to get up and running.