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Four ways to support Team-Based Learning with TurningPoint

August 30, 2017

Research has shown time and again that active learning enhances the learning process and bolsters student engagement. The big question is how to smoothly integrate these educational theories into the classroom – especially large classrooms – without overburdening instructors.

Team-Based Learning is one instructional method designed to address this challenge. With TBL, instruction is based on a three-step cycle – preparation, in-class readiness assurance testing and an application-focused exercise – and can work in small and large classrooms alike.  

The readiness assurance testing consists of an individual readiness assurance test (IRAT), which students complete individually in class, and a team readiness assurance test (TRAT) that they take as part of a collaborative team. Teams then work together on a more in-depth exercise and share their answers with the whole class, prompting a robust discussion and classroom engagement among all of the students.

How can TurningPoint help to support TBL in your classroom?

Team Assignment

Let students choose their own teams by using a Team Assignment slide, or simply assign them yourself through TurningPoint’s Manage tab.

Instant Assessments

One of the challenges of TBL is finding an efficient way to give and then quickly evaluate the IRAT and TRAT. Administering the tests with TurningPoint is simple and provides instructors and students with instant results. 

Real-Time EngagementTeam-Based Learning

Students will receive frequent and immediate feedback during class with TurningPoint. This vital information helps to foster student collaboration and spur team discussions.

Participant and Team Leader Boards

Add an element of competition to accelerate learning by using these features to display the top individual and/or team participants ranked by total points.

Want to learn more about TBL and TurningPoint? Sign up for our upcoming webinar:

Shake it up, Shake it down--It's time to turn your classroom around

Led by Sherri Wall, instructor of Economics for the UAF School for Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. ET, this webinar will help you discover how to flip your class and use teams to engage in activities that are feasible because of the ease of collecting data with TurningPoint.