A braille clicker for the visually impaired

With our braille response device, visually impaired participants are able to contribute to every discussion. The simple response clicker provides no learning curve and allows presenters to collect valuable data for further analysis.
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A clicker designed for the visually impaired.

Your option for accuracy

With braille buttons, participants can accurately respond to interactive questions.

Your option for notifications

A vibration motor notifies the participant of their actions to ensure answers are entered and collected correctly.

Your option for versatility

Braille device works in tandem with other Turning Technologies response solutions.

Collect accurate responses from all learners.

Continuous learning

Up to 82 different sessions can be running at one time in close proximity without interference.

Receive every response

A 200-foot range ensures responses are collected from every participant regardless of learning environment.

Your answer options

Respond to multiple-choice, matching, true/false and priority ranking clicker questions.

An Intelligent Response Device

Engage and assess visually impaired participants with an electronic clicker device designed for their needs.