Clickers and student response devices

Our variety of response clickers, including our easy-to-use clicker app, provide solutions for every learning environment. Our tools vary from simple to full-featured to mobile, and allow participants to respond to many different question types.

TurningPoint on mobile device, QT2 clicker and RF LCD clicker

Response options for your audience

Participants use either a response clicker or the TurningPoint app to respond to interactive questions. Clickers are compatible with both TurningPoint desktop and TurningPoint web. The ExamView test generator is likewise compatible with hardware clickers, while an upgrade to ExamView premium allows for online tests and homework, as well as support for the mobile clicker app.

Understanding clicker questions

TurningPoint allows instructors to ask participants interactive questions, more commonly known as “clicker questions.” These questions serve a wide variety of functions ranging from tracking attendance and increasing engagement to delivering quizzes and exams. Instructors can use TurningPoint to poll in PowerPoint, on-the-fly, or through self-paced surveys and assessments.

Using a clicker

Our clicker technology is simple and intuitive. Each hardware clicker is designed to be durable with long battery life, while the TurningPoint app works seamlessly on both Apple and Android devices. Learn more about the QT2, LCD, braille clicker and TurningPoint app to gain in-depth information on operating your individual clicker or app.

Clickers are not required to respond to interactive questions

A subscription is required, and allows participants to respond using the clicker app on their own mobile device or through a browser on a computer. In addition to the subscription, instructors can also opt for the use of hardware response clickers, or give participants a choice of which method they prefer.

The advantages of using both mobile and hardware response solutions

Having the choice of using clickers or a mobile solution, or both in the same environment, gives instructors and organizations maximum flexibility regardless of IT infrastructure, access to web-enabled devices or individual preferences and teaching philosophies.

Which response option is right for you?

Our experts can help you determine which response option best meets your needs.