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Performance Matters Integration

Integrate with Student Response Systems

eInstruction by Turning Technologies and Performance Matters provide a joint comprehensive assessment and data management solution. Support academic achievement and meet the information needs of today's teachers, administrators and parents with instant insight into student progress with easy-to-use features for fast, effective analysis. Generate formative and summative assessments with trusted student response systems, proven to enhance effective teaching methods with increased engagement and motivation.

Student Response Steps

Better Together: Benefits of the Integration

Upload results from assessments to Performance Matters' data management solution. Detailed results are displayed to monitor student performance. The color-coded system provides key indicators that will assist teachers and administrators in data-driven decisions. Easily evaluate performance against state standards at any level including student, subgroup, school, district and more.

  • Improve daily student engagement, increase motivation and check for understanding.
  • Efficiently and effectively gather student data for data warehousing.
  • Evaluate instructional impact and identify effective pedagogical practices.
  • Provide a shared, district-wide experience for formative and summative assessments.
  • Measure progress against federal and state standards or unique school goals.

High Quality Content for the Unify Platform


Performance Matters is redesigning assessment as a catalyst for student success. Educators use the Performance Matters’ flagship product, Unify, to author and review instructional materials and administer authentic assessments that energize learning. It empowers users to analyze student and educator data from multiple sources and act on that information with resources that improve teaching and learning.

Examview Cloud

Coming soon, ExamView Cloud will offer a converter to place ExamView content into the Performance Matters Unify platform. Utilize these two, leading systems for delivering unique created content and effectively analyzing results. Make a data-driven impact on student success.

Integration Success Stories | Teacher Highlights

Teacher highlights demonstrate the powerful combination of eInstruction by Turning Technologies student response systems and the Performance Matters platform.

Belinda Stutzman
Wayzata Public Schools

Read Case Study

John Mullen
Citrus County School District, FL

Read Case Study

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Discover how our two companies work together for effective solutions that aid in classroom development and district-wide evaluation.

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