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Enhance training and audience engagement with interactive polling software for meetings

Poll within PowerPoint or any presentation and achieve more through data collection

Easily engage all participants, gather immediate feedback and track training effectiveness in useful ways. TurningPoint software lets you turn a one-way presentation into a two-way interaction, and schedule large-scale surveys. Choose between a web-based or desktop platform.

Create questions with ease

Collect real-time results

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Run reports for data analysis

Capture responses and analyze learner understanding

Our response options easily and effectively engage participants.

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View and respond to interactive questions with your smart phone, tablet or computer


Full-featured device designed to collect even more meaningful data than traditional response clickers


Offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation easy

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Find out for yourself why TurningPoint is used in more than half of Fortune 500 companies and every branch of the military.

Johnson and Johnson
General Motors
Cleveland Clinic

“TurningPoint software setup involved little effort, and an easy-to-use interface, as well as being integrated with PowerPoint, greatly benefited the training department.”

Jocelyn Lauer
Andersen Corporation

“I'm a strong proponent of the technology and very vocal that it would not only benefit our planning projects, but across the board including town hall forums.”

Alexis Jackson
City of Farmers Branch, Texas

“My workshop was a big success and the polling feature was a real enhancement. I so appreciate the support your technical engineer provided.”

Nancy Jones
Development Partners

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Create exams in just minutes and assess employee performance with our ExamView test generation software. Upgrade to premium to administer online tests and enable your participants to respond using web-enabled devices in addition to clickers.